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SKY - Astrology
Astrology is a 5000 thousand year old technology - a craft of light, motion and sound, an art of close reading. Consults are arenas for careful listening , aligning - me to you, you to your chart and us both to your particular planetary symphony and constellatory weave that our individual and collective lives are enmeshed within and in somatic relationship to. Together we work to grow conscious awareness of this dimension of relationality, which has been severed from our modern minds and hearts .

SOUND - Acutonics
The entire weave of the universe is vibratory. Acutonics is a vibratory medicine that seeks to attune one’s mind-body-being matrix to the hum of universal interconnectivity. Planetary vibrations, channelled into the body through tuning forks, heighten one to this always - already - present dimension of being, whilst also nourishing neurophysiology with the healing properties of the planets. Working on the nervous system in this way can have arresting affects both on and off the couch.

PSYCHE - Crafted Conversations
Over the last ten years I have developed a particular modality of working one to one, with varying ages of adults, at different phases and transitions in their lives. The relationship we build is a living, emergent dialogue that attends to a each individual wherever they are at and meets them with whatever is required . We devise, improvise and reflect together - I sit alongside you physically and emotionally. At the end of our collaborative endeavour the hoped for legacy is that you carry the quality of our conversation - a care - a listening, inside you. These crafted conversations recognise psyche as soul, invite a perspective - we are both in psyche at large and are of psyche .

SOIL - Wyrd Sanctuary
Soil is the bedrock for our survival, a benevolent being that - with the right care - offers abundance. Physiologically earth - body - sky share the same connective structure. Soil practices are twofold - planetary vibrations enhance soil repair and plant growth, Acutonics forks/chimes can be used directly on soil with planting plans, healing of land or spaces generally.  Additionally the Wyrd Sanctuary is a Dartmoor site offering small scale residences and bespoke stay options inviting you to sink into the surrounding sounds and scapes & engage in various restorative practices. Fundamentally it is a Sanctuary Site, a space for deep regeneration of resources and resilience, a place for artists to settle into creative flow, allowing something unborn yet urgent to emerge.
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