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“ make room for that wild silky part of yourself - the soft animal of your body and give voice to the bold, lavish, irreverent...”

A rude awakening is at work - we human animals are being re-minded, re-membered, coming to intimately know our intermingled existence, our part to play in the congealing co-creative relations of our lifeworld. What appeared as clear distinctions, solid edges between me and you, you and the world - human and more-than-human - are not so, have never been so, rather have always been porous - perforated. In fact our carnality is leaky, precarious, merged always already in relation to and made through our extensive ‘intra-actions’. We are inextricably entangled with and by minerals, microbes, organisms, others others. We have never not been ecosystems within ecosystems, bound up in an ongoing creation with elemental forces and flows. We are, perhaps then, all queer in that we are contingent, unsettled, inter- and undefined . Being is performative and emergent, never finished or fixed rather ontologically slippery. Amidst this altered wind there is an opportunity to enflesh anew, become ensouled.

My work in this world, as practices - praxis - all share an intention to be a harbinger for all that you are - all that you host. To beckon forth through acts of care, a quality of listening - holding open together - to suspending literalisation focusing instead on building the capacity to stay in a suspended state holding ambiguity, paradox, the beauty of the unknown, elegantly. To be in play with your multivalent presence and to allow the work of processual emergence to continue. Each practice acts as a portal to emancipate imagination, reclaim variegation, revivify the erotic basis of being and create a keen dialogue with your feral ecologies in an ongoing opening.

As members of a cosmoligcal ecosystems, with a multiplicity of selves, the urgent question becomes what crafted conversations, creations, practices, somatic technologies are necessary for this time to build our carnal - corporeal house - home? Technologies that enable us to be alive and awake to ourselves and the world in new ways, that attune us to the ecosystems that live within us and that we live within, to kindle a harbor for the greatest range of biodiversity, as all vibrant ecosystems are full of biodiversity. Our work together, with whichever practice, seeks to complexify and potentiate a way to imagine and relate to oneself and one another, to allow ourselves to get dreamt a little by the world at large, to help tune ears and cultivate fully body listening to the reverberating dimensionality of cosmos as psyche, psyche as cosmos. Such work is to recognise you as a delicate tissue of material incarnation, a braided knot of textures and tones and to be present with this calls for, forth, acts of courage, warrior work in the face of mainstream consensus reality that sadly seeks to reduce and limit human flowering. So......

Come lets play
Sensuous - serious play
Care crafting play
Following curiously all that emerges .

Ever more opening
Ever more incorporation
Ever more association
Ever more interconnection

Let’s wonder and work together, with a refusal to be reduced, made small and rather build the biggest boldest brightest emanation of all your facets.