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About Me

“Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild, precious life? ”

It is a mysterious thing to land in this world, to be carnal - fleshed with an ache which whispers, sometimes yells, at the incomprehensible strangeness of being a body, a bodied being on a spinning orb in a ever expanding mass of matter. I, like you, am a human animal, a constellatory creature, an energetic ecosystem made of multiple weather systems zipped up in a skin suit, on this earth but not entirely of it. I, like you - perhaps in ways that you might be aware of, or not yet open to, feel too big ~ too bold ~ too blazed for this skin suit yet here we are having to hold this - this day to day rhythm, this rhyme, this riddle with & alongside the delicate envelope of the lifeworlds we are couched within.

Tacking through consensus reality without being crushed or conditioned out of existence is an ongoing practice - a pushing back, a commitment to holding paradoxes elegantly always entertaining space for the unimaginable, whilst participating in the gorgeous vicissitudes of carnal existence . My vessel is helmed by Mercury - Moon - Ceres, powered by Pluto, tethered # treasured by Venus and emblazoned by Uranus. As a star whisperer I’m curious about and keen to conjure your polyvalent, multivocal constellatory creation - to nourish it all into full flourish. We are tiny and epic, we are strange, detailed and variegated . I delight in it all. Nothing is too much to be considered, too difficult to be with, too intense to attend to. It would be my pleasure to harbor with you for a while, harbinger that which is always already present, listen to the wyrd winds and set you sailing again with an emboldened vessel on your tiny yet epic life.

Having navigated many waters, been swept up/along by many wyrd winds - within which I have had the fortune of encountering, knowingly and unknowingly, significant human and more-than-human creatures who have quietly beckoned, opened previously unforeseen channels. These have enabled shedding of skins and called forth greater vivacity - for which I am in an ongoing prayer and gratitude for .To name a few of these guiding lights who I have trained with, been qualified by, worked alongside and whose words and ways continue to be the wind in my sails.

Astrologer and Podcaster Adam Summer (Holes to Heaven), Jason Holley and Kelly Surtees (Astrology University), Adam Elenbaas  (Nightlight Astrology), The Acutonics Mothership (New Mexico), Zhen Dao (Mogadoa Institute), Thom Knowles (Vedic Meditation) my time at Oxford University steeped in an Anthropological and Archaeological discourse, my time at Goldsmiths with all from the Fine Art practice course, Regenerative Agricultural theory & practice at Ragman’s Lane Farm as well as the ongoing therapeutic discourses, and qualifications, I am at work with at CCPE, SITE, Re-Vision, Psychosynthesis Trust & Jung Institute (Washington).

Each practice offered - here - is a praxis of being, an ontological of care, a pedagogy of the heart committed to the firmament of your live force.  Sound/soil/sky/psyche are dwelt with as sights of immanence, where the sacred as the sensual reside. Each praxis is practiced as a technology, a connecting device for our carnal probe seeking to foster, keep alive and thrive radical receptivity, voracious vivacity, diamond depth, sonorous sensitivity - all as the source of strength, the craft and graft for agile edges. I hope you will find me exquisitely tender, able to listen without looking for meaning, orientated towards not getting somewhere but rather opening ourselves up to your wild heart - tough and tender, brave and afraid, pulsing with grit and grace all at the same time. Able to embrace the rich, tactile texture of lived experience.