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Venus as a goddess of the night has everything to do with our relationships to others, ourselves, the world - to beauty, to art, to money, to our body and more.  This reading will explore the planetary dimension of Venus and the faceted ways she takes shape in your constellatory weave through the goddess archetypes of Ceres, Pallas Athena, Vesta and Hestia. This nuanced, focused exploration will touch on Venus and the Goddesses by sign, house and phase in the natal chart, their current transits as well as their joys, difficulties and journeys mythically and mythopoeticaly to bring about a deeper felt awareness and relationship as to how they work through you and have shown up for you in your life to date. In time other planetary journeys will become available.

It is advised that more than one consult is booked, these journey’s are complexly rich and multivalent - Venus likes to take things slow, languish and consider things she will appreciate and mature the more time you spend with her. Three 1.15 hour sessions are recommended at £120/session or £300 for a block of 3. Payment plans can be arranged, referred to charts will be available either digitally or as hard copies and the sessions can be recorded .

“I have always been curious about a deeper form of Astrology and the role Venus plays in my life. I was overwhelmed by the effect of having my chart mapped and unpacked, with a specific focus on the role Venus plays in my day to day life and living, as a Libra sun . I feel both lighter and more rooted . Amanda delivered my reading with immense gentleness, complete sensitivity and poetic inspiration - all of which brought about deep insight, that I live with daily.”
Rosie - Painting Conservationist