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Astrology can offer illuminating insights as to how or why relationships flow communicatively, sexually, emotionally or not. Whilst the mystery of relating is not reduced to the planets, their placements and alignments can provide insights to adjustments that can be made and how to rework sticking points, as well as how best to communicate and care for significant others. These others can be business partners, lovers, spouses, children and places. The scope is great and insights illuminating.

£120/session - which includes preparation time spent with charts of the individuals involved. Digital or hard copies of all relevant charts will your to keep.  

I am so thankful to be working with Amanda, our sessions are deeply therapeutic and have provided significant clarity in my life, partnership and vocational trajectory. Amanda has a tremendous gift as a listener and an ability to open, what can feel like a narrow space in my life, to a larger constellatory field and significant astrological context. Her wisdom is heartfelt and sincere as she is working from a place of transmission, in light of the nuanced perspective that she clearly embodies as a practitioner. As a healing arts practitioner myself, I recognize her work in my life, and in particular with my immediate, close relationships as highly instrumental and quite honestly on the level of psychotherapy or holistic acupuncture.” 
Jaye Marolla - Therapeutic Massage Practitioner & Qigong Instructor