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Due to the bespoke nature of these offerings cost will be discussed and decided upon once the initial enquiry and interest is received. One off or a block of sessions to work on land with sound can be booked, I also collaborate with landscape designers and gardeners. Public spaces - both rural and urban can also be attended to, as well as offering tutoring as to the impact that sound has on growth and repair of soil and living matter generally.

If it is Wyrd Sanctuary stays and residency applications you are interested and intrigued by, I look forward to hearing from you by any form of communication you chose .

Amanda’s readings and astrological perspective offer me priceless insight and information, communicated in a way that I find supportive and encouraging. The astrological perspective is a revelation to me and so helpful across my life and work. Amanda makes it make sense and does so with a thoughtfulness, a care and a sense of wonder too. Receiving these offerings whilst staying at the Wyrd Sanctuary fed the soil of my work, my creativity even more . The Sanctuary is indeed Wyrd and wonderful - a true tonic in its beauty, its peace, its vision and access to sacred landscapes that surround and support its energy. My music making was enhanced by all that was within , around and offered during my stay. I will return and look forward to doing so enormously. For an artist it is unique as a residency opportunity.“
NM - musician.