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It is suggested that we work weekly with this offering, as it is the regular sitting with and attuning to - conversationally and with care - that enables the greatest reflection, offerings and insights to emerge and be developed . I can travel to your home or we can meet at a mutually convenient, suitable place to attend to the matters at hand. Over the last decade I have worked with numerous learners, in particular those with different learning styles such as Dyslexia and Dyspraxia as well as individuals who feel unfitted to the narrow remits of mainstream society. The work is to embolden your specificity with both practically approaches and emotional resources, to build resilience enabling you to stand firm and proud in your difference . More specifically I have devised a way of working with the PSHE curriculum that foregrounds emotional health through the experiential rapport I build with my clients. This way of working with PSHE works exceptionally well within a homeschooling programme, a context where I can craft bespoke sessions which gives a lived experience of PSHE material rather than a detached, conceptual awareness of them. Due to the weekly nature of this work, the commitment suggested for the greatest affect, sessions are £75/hour. Sessions are up to an hour, often more however flexibility is necessary for the works working.

“I was recommended to Amanda through a friend - my initial reaction when hearing about her was that she sounded like the kind of person I needed to speak to, I wasn’t wrong. From the outset I felt our sessions were a relaxed, open, secure place where I could bring anything I wanted to discuss. I was put at ease to bring up and work with all aspects of my life I have struggled with. Knowing I wasn’t the only person battling with dyslexia, and indeed the individual problems I was experiencing, was reassuring and it made these problems easier to deal with almost instantly. Working with Amanda opened me up to approaching difficulties in new, original ways as well as bringing flexibility to my thinking as to the learning that was emerging in one area of life correlated to other areas, such as from my workplace to my personal life. Through our work we explored physical real world alternatives to things I had always done and struggled with. A key insight I gained through working with Amanda was how important the physical, tactile world is for me - I’ve worked for many years with a computer but with Amanda I explored off - line , analogue alternatives and it has proved a big step for me. Taking my work off the computer and onto paper has helped me immeasurable especially in creative tasks as well as gain confidence in my own way of processing previously overwhelming life decisions. People often ask me what I do in my sessions with Amanda - whether she’s a teacher, a therapist, a learning support specialist or a life coach. I often say she’s so much more than any of them - she has helped me bring focus to my life and calmness to how I tackle all aspects of it. I just wish I’d had the opportunity to work with her before now. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, out of the box thinker who is able to attune to whatever you feel at odds within your immediate environment”
Sam - Events Organiser and Producer