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This consult works with your your natal chart, the cast of the planets at your time of birth. The suggestion for this package is to have 3 readings spread over time so as to allow the complexity of the natal chart, enlivened by transits, progressions and other timing techniques, to be unpacked, digested and come into relation to. It is the relational dynamic that I am interested in imparting through these sessions, so that you leave each one with an extended and expanded awareness of planetary dimension of your lifeworld and to imaginatively hold, be in relation to the complexity of it all. The relating is three way - or more - between myself, you, the chart and the celestial sphere in entirety.

£120 for 1.15 hour session, if booked as a block of 3 - £300. Payment plans can be arranged. Price includes chart preparation time, prior to the reading. All charts used will be avialable as hard or digital copies.

“I had the great fortune to cross paths with Amanda at a very challenging time in my life. Her beautiful sensitivity and insights have helped to tap into a part of my psyche that was almost forgotten. Not only is she excellent at explaining the complexities of Astrology in relation to your chart, she makes it a very inspiring language and magical, empowering tool. Amanda’s unique intuition and advice has helped to make sense of some long standing blocks and fears, appreciate who I really am and to embrace my faults with courage. After our sessions I feel very grounded and connected to my myself, in a way that makes me feel truly connected to something bigger. I am forever grateful for her unique guidance, empathy and wisdom”
Lula Alvarez - Costume designer and acupuncturist.