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Receive a written natal reading in an illustrated book form for your child or another’s alternatively a straightforward parent / child reading is also part of this offering. This offering is to enliven - welcome a child to themself in a way that is different from how they will ordinarily be welcomed into their world and reflect on themselves. The book format, or reading, is hoped to provide a context for starting life with a constellatory awareness, their multiplicity and to do this by telling the story of the planets that they imbibe and how these planetary bodies take shape within them. Not a description but rather an invitation, a resource to return to for gaining greater awareness as they grow and journey though life as well providing a foundation to enquire further, if there is an inclination to do so.

Cost is dependent on chosen offering - contact me directly to discuss.

“I worked with Amanda on my chart in relation to my two daughters who are 5 and 2, whilst also giving attention to their individual charts and the constellatory dynamic between them. I found this experience beautiful, profound and very moving. More than anything it reminded me to trust my instincts, so much of what I had sensed and experienced was confirmed by the constellatory weave between us all. It has made me feel more grounded and confident as a parent. Through working with their individual charts Amanda was able to bring the astrological dimension and context to their differences and compatibilities. Rather than being a big one and a little one they are two parallel creatures, loving opposites, who can learn much from each other - if I can create the right space for this to happen, which has bought about inspirational alterations in their relationship. By learning how the three of our moons relate, has illuminated - in very practical ways how we can reconnect and re- set together through our shared earth quality. I have been implementing this and it’s incredibly valuable. I loved my time with Amanda and feel I have so easily and naturally internalised what I have discovered, I am sure any parent would love this experience, if felt hugely positive, uplifting and helpful.”
Polly - Author, Theatre and film Producer