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Transits are always happening, as the planets are always moving, however some transits are more significant to our lives than others. This reading will enhance and develop sensitivity to the interconnectivity between these planetary cycles and their transits to areas of your life. It will help you to fully embrace the multidimensional ways the planets work through you at particular times of live, especially at mid life when significant transits occur and new orientations can emerge. Often more than one reading is needed to explore the range of ways these transits will or are appearing. Each reading £120/session for 1.15 hour unless booked multiply.

“I have had several sessions with Amanda to date. Consultations have been very much dialogic in nature, rather than a one directional explanation, rolling between the tensions and dynamics she reads in the charts, biographical detail and life events which her readings have promoted me to examine and make connections between the two. The outcome for me has been insight into various factors and forces in my environment and in my being, coupled with meaningful observations and strategic advices from this astral expert, the whole enterprise being conducted with nuance and sensitivity. Amanda is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, very supportive and I now have a perspective of the cycles I am in the midst of and a how to navigate with them. Thank you.”
Luke - Musician, Dj and Lawyer

“Working with Amanda has been an enormous support to me. Her deep wisdom and knowledge have helped me gain more insight into the different energies at play in my life, and to understand how things are unfolding on many levels: personal, relational, collective and historic. Things I already knew have been illuminated so I can see them more clearly, and things I didn’t realise have suddenly started to make sense. I love Amanda’s sensitive, warm, intelligent and grounded way of explaining things, and can’t recommend working with her highly enough!”
Sasha  - Radio presenter and producer