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One to one tuition - the poetics, practice and philosophical underpinning of astrology. In these sessions I will devise a bespoke curriculum suited to your interests and concerns, whilst also bringing my varied experience and astrological learnings to bear, thereby crafting a series of sessions that will help you work with the fundamental philosophical, historical, conceptual and practical tenants of astrology. We will work together, either in person or on line, I will provide you with useful references and sources as well as help build confidence in the interpretative practice of bridging sky to earth and the relational conversation between the two. These sessions will be interactive, encouraging you to enquire and question as much as you wish, to allow for full incorporation of the material into your own way of working with this magical modality. I am knowledgeable and attuned to how each person learns uniquely and will adjust sessions according to these modes. Cost to be discussed and decided in keeping with the nature of the tutoring required - in terms of focus, scope and time span.

Amanda changed my perception and appreciation of astrology. She has a very deep understanding of the subtle aspects of signs and their influences.  Her explanations are filled with a wealth of knowledge and yet also a sensitivity which opens your eyes to a different understating of how astrology works. Amanda’s interpretation of my chart and our discussions on astrology have definitely had the the deepest impact on me. Her authenticity and passion shine through, leave you feeling inspired and able to work practically and poetically with the rich astrological canon. Our sessions have deeply influenced both my chart work and lived planetary awareness.”
Ella B - Yoga practioner and retreat manager