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An acutonics treatment can be offered on its own or woven in with an astrological reading. The chart is always present when I give a treatment however it can remain latent or be bought to the table. Either way it offers insight into which planetary frequencies and thereby points on the body would be most nourishing and enabling for your psycho/spiritual system. Please allow time after the treatment to recalibrate to the world as sessions can be deeply relaxing, bringing about profound rest and nourishment to your nervous system.

If astrology is the chosen focus - the planetary, Acutonics frequencies will be used throughout the session to bring the planets alive in their vibratory form, to enliven the relationships to the planets under discussion and bring their visceral being into the reading space.

Acutonics Session independently or combined with Astrology £120/session for 1.15 hour - depending on proximity, sessions can re arranged at your home otherwise location will be discussed at the initial booking consultation.

“My partner and I had been trying for a baby for over two years. In January 2018 I began treatment with Amanda to support with riding through some of the anxieties and pressures that this situation was bringing up for me . I found her deeply supportive and empathetic, about the state of ‘need’ and ‘sadness’ fertility issues can create. She worked on grounding me and creating a sense of wonder and excitement about life, that I felt I had lost . This coupled with some time away my family created the calm my body and partner needed to conceive, which we did in July 2018. Later in the first trimester Amanda treated and supported me weekly. A mixture of deep massage, Acutonics and generous, compassionate consults was exactly what I needed as I navigated the exhaustion and emotions of early pregnancy whilst still working. I would highly recommend Amanda to support any woman through fertility and pregnancy. She is astute , gentle and deeply respectful to the power and process of pregnancy. The combination of touch and sound/ vibration is a unique treatment that I will continue to return, for alleviation and enhancement of everyday life.”
Clem - Campaigner and Creator of Community Projects.